Home Insurance – ‘Protect Your Tech’ from Burglars

Leading Home Insurer Zurich InsurancHome Insurancee has claimed that the theft of high-value portable gadgets has contributed to a rise of more than 40% in the average cost of thefts from homes over the last three years. That’s despite a drop in the number of burglary claims.

And furthermore it seems that us Brits are horrified when contemplating life without our gadgets. A Zurich survey found that if burgled, we said that losing our laptops would have the biggest impact (40%), followed by mobile phones (32%) and televisions (20%).

Despite almost three quarters of people worrying about being burgled, many are failing to take sensible precautions to protect their technology from being pinched. More than one in five (21%) never bother to hide valuables when leaving the house and 37% leave portable gadgets such as iPads and e-book readers easily accessible.

This makes chilling reading for Home Insurers who have to help householders deal with the consequences of burglary on a daily basis. Zurich are so concerned about the lack of security measures put in place by most homeowners that they’ve done something rather strange. They’ve teamed up with a reformed burglar to give you some serious advice on how to protect your property.

Top 10 Home Insurance Security Tips

1. Always keep your gate closed. A gate left slightly ajar or open is a signal to burglars you’re not particularly safety conscious and will make them think you’re probably lax about other security measures.
2. Always double lock your door. Traditionally a burglar will push the door using their foot and if it makes a little gap, they know it’s not double locked and can easily be broken into.
3. Don’t give burglars a reason to break-in. Always ensure valuables are kept out of sight and away from windows.
4. Photograph the rooms in your house. If a burglar ‘trashes’ your home, it can be hard to remember where items were placed and what exactly has gone missing. Photographs can also be useful when talking to your insurer about which items have been stolen.
5. Don’t tell burglars your house is empty. Don’t use social media to advertise when you’re away on holiday and avoid the temptation to update your location status while you’re away.
6. Hide all keys in a drawer; don’t leave them in view or in window locks.
7. Don’t give burglars a leg-up. Chain your wheeley bins together as burglars use them to get through windows and for access to upper floors.
8. Shred all paperwork. Even an envelope which contains your name and address could allow burglars to clone you. This is particularly important now that many of us have detailed online profiles.
9. Don’t give burglars the tools to break into your home. All tools should be stored in a secure, locked shed.
10. Keep luggage in the loft. Burglars will use your suitcases and bags to take your possessions from your home.
Zurich’s reformed Burglar also added “Burglars are lazy, cowardly human beings looking for a quick and easy option, so think about that when considering which security measures you have on your house.

Thought- provoking advice from an expert at the start of the festive season.

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