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This form is designed for quotes for office insurance. Office insurance is a package policy providing cover for office contents/fixtures and fittings, office buildings (optional), public liability/employers liability, business interruption, money, etc.

If you have any problems with completing this form, please phone us on 01623 641 386 for assistance.

Proposers/Company Details

Proposer's Full Name(s):
(enter sole trader's name or all partner's names if a partnership)
Contact Name:
(if different to proposer's name)
Limited Company Name:
(if operating as a Ltd. company)
Do you require cover for any subsidiary companies?Yes     No
If yes, please provide the name(s) of any subsidiary
company(s) that you wish to include under your insurance:
Trading Name:
(if different to the above)
Trading Status:
Office Address:
Office Postcode:
Daytime Telephone No.
*E-Mail Address:
*Please note that your email address will only be used to provide you with your quote and not for any other marketing purposes.
General Information

Have you, or any other partner or director ever
been convicted of any criminal offences or had any
insurance refused, cancelled or special terms imposed?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. type of conviction, date(s) of conviction,
details of any fines, custodial sentence, or
details of any insurance refused/cancelled, etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director ever had
any county court judgements / sheriff decrees or been
declared bankrupt, or involved in a company which has
become insolvent or which has gone into liquidation, receivership or administration?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. date(s) of bankruptcy/insolvency,
amount of bankruptcy/insolvency, date
discharged, circumstances, etc.)
Have you, or any other partner or director
ever been prosecuted under the Health &
Safety at Work Act or similar legislation?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. date of prosecution(s), details of offence(s), etc.)
Can you confirm that you meet all the Statutory obligations; including fire safety, electrical inspections, Health & Safety and COSHH regulations, relating to the operation of your business?Yes     No
Business Description
Full description of business activities:
(please describe as fully as possible
including details of services provided)
Do you sell or supply any goods?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Do you provide any advice, design or specification?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Years Trading Experience
Please state the number
of years the business has been trading:
If a new venture, please state the number
of years previous experience (if applicable):
General Details
Is the property in a good state of repair and maintained?Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
Will the property ever be left
unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Are any parts of the building at present unoccupied?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
Which floor level(s) does your business occupy?
(i.e. ground, first floor, second floor, etc.)
Are you the sole
occupant of the office space you occupy?
Yes     No
If no, please provide details of the other
types of businesses that operate from your office:
Is your office entirely self-contained
with its own seperate lockable entrance?
Yes     No
If no, please provide details:
Are the premises heated by a main
central heating system or fixed heaters?
Yes     No
Are the offices heated by any portable heaters?Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(i.e. Number of portable heaters and type)
Is the building of standard construction?
(i.e. brick/stone/concrete walls & tile/slate roof)
Yes     No
If no, please provide details of the construction:
What is the construction of the floors?
Number of storeys in the building?
Approximately, what year was the property built? (yyyy)
Has there ever been any subsidence,
heave, landslip at the premises or nearby?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. date of damage,
amount of damage, etc.)
Has there ever been
any flooding at the premises or nearby?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(e.g. date of damage,
amount of damage, etc.)
Claims History
Have you or any other director or partner (in this
or any other trading name) suffered any loss or
had any claims made against you in the last 5 years?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide claim details:
(i.e. date of claim, circumstances
of claim, amount claimed, etc.)
Are all your external doors fitted with
a minimum of 5-lever mortise deadlocks?
(British Standard 3621 or equivalent)
Yes     No
Are all opening windows, fanlights and
skylights fitted with key operated window locks?
Yes     No
Are all accessible windows
protected by either solid steel bars or grilles?
Yes     No
Are your premises protected by
an annually maintained intruder alarm?
Yes     No
If yes, is the alarm NSI/NACOSS/SSAIB approved?Yes     No
Type of intruder alarm signalling:
Do your offices have CCTV?Yes     No
If yes, please confirm the coverage:
Is visitor access during business hours controlled by
either an access control system or a manned reception?
Yes     No
Details of any other security arrangements you may have:
(e.g. 24-hour security guarding, etc.)
Fire Protection
Is there an automatic fire alarm at the premises?Yes     No
Type of fire alarm signalling:

Cover Required

Standard cover is for Fire, Theft And Special Perils.
Do you wish to extend your cover to
include Accidental Damage for an additional premium?
Yes     No
Do you wish to extend your cover to include TerrorismYes     No
Buildings Cover (if owner occupied and required)
Buildings Sum Insured (if buildings cover required):
(reinstatement value including outbuildings and an allowance for
demolition costs, removal of debris, rebuilding architects fees, etc.)
Is cover required for subsidence, heave or landslip? Yes     No
Tenants Improvements (if renting the office and required)
Tenants Improvements Sum Insured (if required):
(i.e. to insure improvements you have made as a tenant to
the building's fixtures & fittings such as a new counter,
suspended ceiling, partitions, lighting, decorations, etc.)
Computers Sum Insured: 
Other Electronic Equipment Sum Insured:
(i.e. scanners, photocopiers, telephone equipment, etc.)
All Other Contents Sum Insured:
(i.e. office furniture, filing cabinets, etc.)
Do you require Stock Cover?
(i.e. goods to be sold or supplied)
Yes     No
Stock Sum Insured: 
Business Files/Documents
Business Files/Documents Sum Insured (if required): 
Business All Risks (Property Away From The Office)
Is cover required for business
equipment temporarily taken away from your office?
(e.g. laptops, tablets, photographic equipment, etc.)
Yes     No  Help?
Total 'All Risks' sum insured
(i.e. total value of property away from the premises):
Type of property to be covered away from the office:
(e.g. laptops, digital camera's, etc. Please specify each item.)
Territorial area:  Help?
Is money cover required? Yes     No
Money during business hours / in transit to bank: 
Money outside business hours (in a locked safe): 

Business Interruption

Is Business Interruption cover required?
(Cover for loss of revenue following an insured event, e.g. fire, etc.)
Yes     No
If yes, state the sum insured
required for Loss of Gross Revenue:
  per annum
Increased Cost of Working sum insured (if required):
(e.g. costs to rent another office, etc.)
  per annum
Maximum indemnity period required: 
Do you require cover for loss of book debts?Yes     No
If yes, please indicate the maximum amount of Gross
Fees and Debit Balances outstanding at any one time:

Public/Employers Liability Cover

Public / Product Liability Limit Of Indemnity:  help
Is any manual work carried out away from the
office other than collection or delivery of goods?
Yes     No
If yes, please provide details:
(i.e. type of work carried out, No. of
persons who undertake work away)
Employers' Liability Limit of Indemnity:  (automatically included)
Please confirm the total number of office employees:
Please confirm the total annual wages of the employees: 
Employers' Reference Number (optional)
Employers' Reference Number (ERN) (if available):  help
(e.g. 123/AB12345)
Estimated turnover for next 12 months: 
Optional Covers

Commercial Legal Expenses Cover
Is commercial legal expenses cover required?
(Covers legal defence costs for contract disputes,
employment disputes, VAT investigations, etc.)
Yes     No  help?
If yes, limit of indemnity required?
Has the business and/or its directors been
involved in any legal dispute, tax investigation
or any other court or tribunal action in the last 5 years?
Yes     No
Please provide details of the dispute including dates:
Directors & Officers Cover (Limited companies only)
Do you require Directors & Officers Cover?Yes     No  Help?
Can you confirm that the company is domiciled in the UK; is privately held; has not raised any funds from external parties; has been in operation for more than 12 months; has its financial statements prepared by a qualified accountant, shows a profit and are not subject to any concerns by the auditors; derives at least 50% of all its turnover from clients within the UK and EU; has not acquired any companies which have increased its total assets by 50% or more; and has no mergers or acquisitions planned and has not had any claims made against it or its directors and is not aware of any circumstances that could give rise to such claim?Yes     No
If no, details:
Limit of indemnity required?:
Additional Information/Covers
If there is any additional information that
you wish to disclose or any extra cover that
you wish to include, please provide details:
You are required to make a fair presentation of the risk to insurers which means that you are required to disclose every material circumstance which you know or ought to know relating to the risk to be insured. Materially important information is any information that could influence an insurer's decision to accept your risk including the cost of your insurance. Failure to comply with the duty of fair presentation could mean that your policy is void or that insurers are not liable to pay all or part of your claim(s). By submitting this quotation you are confirming that there are no other material facts to disclose other than those shown above.
Details Of Current / Previous Policies
Cover Start Date / Renewal Date:   
Current Annual Premium / Best Quote: 
This may help us to get you a better quote
Name of Current / Previous Insurer:
e.g. Aviva, AXA, Allianz, RSA, Zurich, etc.

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