Property Insurance Precautions For Bonfire Night

Property Insurance – Bonfire Night Worst Day of the Year for Theft


Surprising data from one of the UK’s major Insurers has revealed that millions of Britons are failing to check that their homes are secure on Bonfire Night, resulting in it being the worst night of the year for theft.

Research from Aviva has revealed that those holding firework parties at home risk providing a spark of opportunity for thieves by leaving their doors unlocked and their windows unchecked.  Ten years of Aviva claims data has shown that there are 22% more thefts on Bonfire Night compared to the average day.  In surveys, 1 in 5 householders have admitted to leaving the back door unlocked to make it easier for friends and neighbours to come and go as they please and 1 in 10 even go as far as leaving the front door unlocked – great for creating that party atmosphere but absolute heaven for any lurking thieves.

Even those attending a public firework display away from the home are failing to carry out basic security checks with 22% not ensuring that doors are secure.

The research by Aviva has also claimed that women are more savvy when it comes to checking security measures are in place, and leaving valuables out of sight.

Top stolen items on Bonfire Night are mobile phones and laptops, with Apple Products proving particularly popular with opportunistic thieves.

Of course we always think of the damage that fireworks and bonfires can cause to our properties on Bonfire Night and while that is definitely an issue, we should also consider the less obvious danger of ‘distraction’ theft, while we all listen to the bangs, fizzes and sparkles.

Aviva recommend all the usual tips for preventing burglaries this Bonfire Night, including lights on timer switches, radios left on, no valuables on display, engaging all locks and bolts on doors and no spare keys left under the flower pot!  They also stress the importance of locking your front door if you are having a party in the back garden, putting a notice up to tell your guests to come round the back!

So whilst we should all enjoy this exciting evening, let’s not forget to protect our properties and possessions, putting off any unwelcome Bonfire visitors.

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