Beware Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night, Halloween and the days running up to them are traditionally some of the busiest nights of the year for the fire brigade, police and other agencies.  The anti-social use of fireworks can cause real concern to our business community, posing a threat to all types of buildings, including commercial and industrial premises and of course with a real knock-on effect to business continuity.

The risk from fireworks or associated burning debris can be significantly reduced by taking a few very practical measures:

  1. Ensure that all areas of the premises are made secure at the end of the working day – don’t forget skylights.
  2. In areas where anti-social behaviour is a possibility, we would recommend protecting letter boxes internally with a proprietary metal container designed to contain fires from lighted materials.
  3. Take care that all yards and open areas are free from rubbish and that waste bins are secured.
  4. Timber pallets, plastic crates and other combustible materials stored in the open should be kept to a minimum and located away from buildings.
  5. Flammable liquids and gases should be confined to their designated storage facilities.
  6. Vegetation surrounding buildings should be cut back and removed in case of stray fireworks or embers.

Of course these measures can also apply to other celebratory nights such as Diwali and New Year and are really good ‘common sense’ precautions as an all-year-round measure.

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