Warning to Would-Be Insurance Fraudsters

Two families who colluded to create a fictitious car crash in an attempt to con £77,000 from an Insurer have been sentenced – with two men given jail terms of 12 months. (source Insurance People October 2013)  The families admitted to fabricating the “accident” and then submitting bogus claims to ‘esure’ for whiplash injuries and damage to their vehicles.

The case was referred by ‘esure’ to the City of London Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department.

Matt Gilham, head of financial crime at ‘esure’ commented “where we find evidence of fraud, we will work with law enforcement agencies, including IFED to get the perpetrators to court.  Convictions such as this are crucial in sending out a message to other would- be fraudsters who think they can make a quick buck from insurance fraud”.

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