Claims – A Lighter View

With the recent doom and gloom of natural disasters, economic belt tightening and the not too distant memories of weather and snow disruption , it is always good to remember of the lighter side of life.  In line with this, one insurer has released some very interesting details of its most weird and wonderful motor insurance claims.

One customer was driving along when a ‘frozen squirrel fell out of a tree and crashed through the windscreen’.  Another driver was visting a local agricultural show when ‘my parked car was hit by an escaped bull’.

My favourite though, is this one.  A gentleman reversed out of his garage straight into a wall but failed to accept it was a ‘fault’ claim, insisting instead that it was his wife’s fault as she had parked the car there.

Speaking as a ‘lady driver’ I think it’s only fair that the wall should step forward and take its share of the blame as well!

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